The Internet And Your Web Site Explained

Q." I' don't know much about web sites ' what do i need to do to get a web site Made and what do i do after its complete ? "

A. In Short ' nothing as we do everything for you from start to end 'all you need do is supply us with information 'pictures and other stuff you want on your web site and we do everything for you including hosting and managing your web site year after year after year.( if you want us to )

your appointed representative will go through every thing with you and explain the whole process with you at no cost ( yeah FREE )

your 121 representative will look after you and deal with the process of getting your web site created.

we will then let you see it for your approval ' BEFORE its launched to the world

only when your 100% happy with the way your web site looks will we register your web site with search engines

we also host and manageyour web site ....leaving you free to get on with the task of running your business - 3 page web sites are only £199

Web Sites :

Q. " i know what a web site is... but why do i need one as i don't want to sell anything over the internet"

A. your web site is a profile of your business on the internet ' your customers can access your web site and take a look around learn about your services or products.

on your web site you can show visitors the quality of your work through galleries 'SLIDESHOWS OR VIDEO of your completed jobs or provide them with much more information about your services than possible through an expensive advert in a newspaper or yellow pages.

by using your web site to profile your business 'goods or services you can cut down on your advertising costs by simply putting your web site address ( known as URL or Domain name )at the bottom of your LOCAL SHOP NEWSPAPER advert or on your trading vehicle

most of your potential customers now have access to the internet and more and more of your customer will soon be asking "do you have a web site " you want to be able to answer "yes 2 and provide them with the address ....because your competitors probably can

Web Site URL ( address or domain name )

Q. " how do my customers or others find my web site "

A. if you run your business from home or from business premises your business has an address (example : 121 the high street ) your web site is the same. a URL is your business address on the internet . we purchase a domain name for you ( example ) then we do a bit of internet magic ...and then you tell your customers your business address on the internet and hey presto they type it in and they are on your web site. looking at your business


Q. " I'm a bit confused by this hosting 'why does my web site need to be hosted "

A. EVERY web site Needs to be hosted on a server ..( even this one your looking at now ) a server is simply a place where your web site is stored so visitors can visit it 24 hours a day 365 days of the year . 121 marketing creates your web site and then uploads it to one of our OWN servers . we " HOST " your web site FOR AN ANNUAL FEE OF ONLY £99 PER YEAR

which is very cheap considering many companies such as lycos will charge you up to £19.99 a month for hosting

Web Site Management

Q. " another subject i find confusing ' what is web site management and do i need it ? is this the same as hosting ? "

A.... web site managing is simply changing and updating information on your web site ' for example you get some great new pictures or contracts and want your customers to know about it . some companies will charge you a basic charge of £75 for changing any information on your web site ....but 121 marketing will make 3 small changes a year FREE .and then charge only a small fee for making any further changes.

What Will The Total Cost be For My web Site To Created By 121 marketing ?

a 3 page web site which features

a Home page( page 1 ) a Contact page ( page 2 )and an About us / me page (page 3 )

costs £199 no V.A.T if you do not require hosting we will supply your web site on a disc ready to be uploaded to your server

Hosting And Basic Management is £99 per year No V.A.T 'hosting is paid in advance at the start of your hosting year and you will be invoiced each year 2 - 3 weeks before your hosting is due to expire.